I was first drawn to yoga for its physical aspect and I fell in love with movement at a young age. My path of exploring and discovering movement always brought me back to yoga and through the years I developed a deeper, more determined practice while attempting to discover the limits of what is possible for the human body.

On this journey I grew more aware and able to listen to my body and mind, and through a mindful, daily practise I discovered the transforming power of yoga. Yoga helped me to let go. Let go of the results of my actions, pain, hurt and loss, limitations and judgement. It liberated my thinking and gave me the courage to change my career path.

In 2014 I completed my Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher qualification with Yoga London, accredited with Yoga Alliance.

In 2015 I completed Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher Training with the internationally recognised Uma Dinsmore Tuli at Yoga Campus, and in 2016 I completed the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training under her supervision. The practices were designed to nourish and support the mother-to-be and the unborn child through pregnancy, and the post-natal body after birth throughout the years of early parenting.

Driven by my fascination with anatomy and the muscular system I went on to achieve my teacher qualification in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy under the guidance of James Winstanley; who in turn, with his extensive medical knowledge and artistic creativity received his training from Master Kusum Modak, the creator of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

In 2019, after an increased demand for practices focused on back problems and pains, I decided to complete a course in Yoga Therapy for Back Problems with the trained osteopath and yoga therapist Anna Blackmore. The course allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and pathology of common conditions, how to assess posture imbalances and spinal movements, as well as an extensive knowledge of symptoms and contraindications, methods of pain relief, and yoga poses and sequences for different types of problems.

I strive to consistently develop my knowledge and teaching skills to better my practice and my clients’ experience. I am passionate about helping people build a strong and healthy body and mind, and live a more mindful and balanced life; fully and freely, through the fast pace and high demands of everyday life.

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My Style

My teaching style grew from the devotion to teach yoga from the heart; with awareness, compassion, sensitivity, and clarity.

My classes are down-to-earth, with a strong focus on safe alignment, increased strength and mobility in the hope that my students will be better equipped to avoid, nurture and heal pains and distresses caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

I am a hands-on teacher and will offer adjustments helping my students to find the optimal alignments in the different poses, encouraging them to find awareness and feel the positions in their bodies.

My practice is suitable for people of all ages, sizes, and walks of life. I strive to inspire my students to get to know their bodies and minds and discover what movements feel good, teach them when to challenge themselves and when to hold back, and give them a safe platform and a variety of tools to allow them to develop their own practice outside the studio.