Long hours at sedentary desk jobs and poor sitting postures often contribute to a stressed and inefficient workforce. Office Yoga is a great way to address these issues, and will help employees learn techniques to incorporate more movement in their every day lives, build strength and mobility, soothe and prevent desk-bound aches and pains, and manage stress and anxiety.

I offer three types of Office Yoga, suitable for both complete beginners and more advanced participants.

Chair Yoga by the Desk: 15 or 30 minutes
This practice takes place right at the work station. While sitting in a chair, and incorporating the desk, and the area around the desk we focus on stretching and strengthening exercises that are particularly beneficial to people who spend long hours working at a desk.

Vital Breathing Session: 15 minutes
In this session we bring awareness to the breath. The participants will learning how to breathe efficiently using clavicular, intercostal and diaphragmatic breathing as well as prolong exhalation for de-stressing. This session could support employees or corporate clients before challenging meetings, presentations or any other demanding situation that may disrupt a healthy breathing pattern.

Yoga on the Mat: 60 to 90 minutes
The entire practice is a continuous flow of movement and breathing which creates an internal and physical heat that purifies the body and calms the mind, strengthening and returning the body to a state of balance. Each session will finish with a breathing exercise, and has the opportunity to incorporate deeper relaxation, should this be of interest. to the participants. The intensity of the session will be tailored to the level of fitness and experience.